top male modeling agency in bangalore

The big brands are looking for male models in Bangalore!

No one can deny the fact that people are considering Bangalore as one of the most creative cities in India. The city has met with great success in the fields of the fashion industry, advertising, and film industry. All the recent trends do encourage upcoming and talented models to establish their passionate career in the city. Well, the need for male models is inevitable in the advertising sector and the big brands do look for the talented models in the city.

Male modeling agencies has become a new trend, once the female models ruled the industry. Many models start their career at their teens, and they come here in search of the best male modeling agency in Bangalore. People say that the mark of the competent agency can be determined based on its history in the industry and the dedication the team shows in the growing career of their models.

No doubt that FMA Studio is one of the best modeling agencies in the country you can find. The agency is performing a remarkable job in the fashion industry since 2001. They are a dedicated team who strives hard to bring phenomenal success in the life of their models. The organization encourages and navigates the right path for the aspiring male models to get noticed in the fashion world to set their new trend in the industry.

FMA Studio is an elite team with foreign and Indian models. It has a renounced team of makeup artists, stylists, photographers, designers and music directors who do a great job in bringing the best out of the models.

 Like a feather in their cap, the FMA Studio do hosts fashion shows and other events that can create a drastic change in the lives of the models.

Wanna Be a Model?

If you are 5ft 8in and above women and think you have what it takes to be a model send us headshot and full lenght shot along with your age, contact details, height, bust, waist and hip measurements.

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